ORCID Codefest 2015 - San Francisco


Codefest 2015


During ORCID Outreach Meeting
November 3rd November 4th
9.00 - 10:15Opening keynote 8:00Start coding once you roll out of bed
10:16 - 10:45Coffee 9:30Standup check-in
10:46Kick-off introductions 10:30Coffee
11:00Get cracking 11:00Panic time!
12:15Lunch - take a break or take your food to your desk. 12:00Grab lunch and take turns doing demos
2:45Standup check-in 1:00Winners selected
5:00Join the conference for cocktails 1:15Winners demo for conference
6:15Keep coding
7:30Pizza time!

Why should you come to codefest.

We believe open source and open data doesn't exclude entrepreneurship. With over 1.5 million identifiers issued, now is the time to start thinking about what ideas and business models you can add to the rich ecosystem growing around ORCID.

Codefest is not just about deliverables, it’s one of the few times coders can socialize, learn about new ideas and new tools.

Awards (along with a little bit of glory):

  • ORCID - Entrepreneurship - Prototype something that shows qualities of leadership and innovation.
  • OPEN - You have an idea that doesn’t quite fit? We aren't going to let that get in the way of serendipity. Show up and code away! There will be wildcard awards to the best overall project.

Name (or Alias) Title and Organization GitHub name (optional) Notes (like projects and preferred languages)
Robert Peters Lead Developer ORCID rcpeters
Will Simpson Software Architect ORCID wjrsimpson
Angel Montenegro Backend Developer ORCID amontenegro
Liz Krznarich Frontend Developer ORCID lizkrznarich
Fran Ramírez Frontend Developer ORCID hexplus
Shobhit Tyagi Backend Developer ORCID nitw-shobhit

So you want to build an awesome app, right? Here's the place to getting started!

Make Friends with the ORCID APIs

Immerse Yourself in Data Structures

Learn from the Masters

  • Check out Code Examples generously shared by the creators of existing ORCID API applications.